April 18th, 2014

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Boardmaker Institute

boardmaker board with weather symbolsBoardmaker is a software tool used to create symbol-based activities for students with disabilities. The purpose of this six part Institute is to go deeper into Boardmaker and learn how to implement this powerful tool across the curriculum and beyond! This workshop series will be hands on – come prepared to participate! If you own the software – bring your own computer!

In addition to the in person activities, learning will continue in between workshop sessions. Participants will be able to collaborate with each other and the presenter utilizing the Internet and Web 2.0 collaboration tools.

Boardmaker Institute
All classes will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Advancing Opportunities' Ewing office at 1005 Whitehead Road Extension, Suite 1. The cost is $499. All participants should bring a 1GB flashdrive. Class size is limited is 15 participants.

Introduction to Boardmaker Family

This is a level one class. Participants will learn about the key features of Boardmaker including drawing tools, symbol-finder tools, symbolate tools (version 6.0), working with digital images and other features of the software. Participants will have time to create their own activities for use with their students. Presenter will share key resources that provide ready-made activities and templates for quick creation of Boardmaker displays.

Beyond Boardmaker

Tired of using Boardmaker in the same old way? In this workshop participants will explore the more advanced features of this powerful tool. This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced Boardmaker software users looking for creative ways to use visually mediated supports in their classrooms. Participants will explore new ways to use Boardmaker for literacy, math, communication, preschool activities, games, recipes, story sequencing, social stories, teaching vocabulary, articulation practice, conversational prompts, telling jokes, creating classroom posters and more. Sample Boardmaker creations will be displayed and described. Participants will receive boards and templates.

Visual Supports

Visual supports are everywhere – they help to make the world make sense for all of us. For students with language disabilities visual supports are essential to helping them understand everything from where to sit to how to complete a task. In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop visual supports for their students. Participants will have time to create their own activities for use with their students.


This workshop participant will explore Boardmaker Plus to create literacy activity for their students. We will work on creating accessible materials for our students including interactive worksheets , flash cards, and games as well as appropriate books for their students with and without symbol support.

History / Science

In this workshop, participants will work on concepts for history and science. Making materials that students can use to learn new concepts. We will create accessible materials for students to use while participating in history and science classes. We will focus on sequence, visual maps using Boardmaker and creating leveled activities for your students.

Math / Play-Recreation

Most would not think of Math when thinking of Boardmaker. The presenter will demonstrate ways that Boardmaker can be used to create activities for math to support students learning of number sense as well as creating accessible worksheets or activities for the students. We will also discuss ways of creating material that are fun for students.


Disability accommodations are available on request. Requests for accommodations should be two weeks before the date of the workshop


Unless otherwise noted, the Learning for Life Workshops are presented at Advancing Opportunities' main office: 1005 Whitehead Road Extension, Suite 1, Ewing, NJ 08638.
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